General Project Management
The establishment of a modern disclosed cross-border business model touches all angles of a financial institution or financial services provider. Strategic regulatory, structural, process- and IT challenges arise.

Therefore, a distinct and focused strategy is more necessary than ever. This ongoing fundamental shift of the industry changes the way market participants have to conduct their business and forces them to radically rethink and restructure their business models.

Often, firms launch projects which tend to be delayed, become only partially executed, or even fail. Project execution can bear significant market, financial and reputational risks, which should not be underestimated.

With NOVERAS you are able to receive comprehensive consulting, expert advice and project management capabilities.

We implement – or bring back on track – complex cross-functional projects in environments involving different cultures and languages.

We transform financial institutions’ market organizations, restructure client books and create adequate tax related product offerings.

In task force mode, we take care and resolve highly sensitive issues, both under severe time and regulatory pressure.